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Winter Wildlife in Hokkaido, Japan
Tancho Cranes in morning sunlight, Tsurui Mura, HokkaidoCape NossapuOyester shells, Cape NossapuCape Kiritappu Lighthouse, Hokkaido, JapanThe Bridge of Four Islands Monument, Cape Nossapu Winter SunsetCape Nossapu SunsetLake Kussharo in evening sun seen from Bihoro Pass, Hokkaido, JapanLake Mashu in WinterRausau, Most Northerly Fishing Port in JapanRausau, Most Northerly Fishing Port in JapanRausau, Most Northerly Fishing Port in JapanRausau, Most Northerly Fishing Port in JapanTrees covered in snow after a blizzard, Rausu, HokkaidoBrown Fox in the snow, Hokkaido, JapanBrown Fox hunting, Hokkaido, JapanBrown FoxBrown FoxBrown Fox SunbathingSika Deer BuckSika Deer Buck

Guestbook for Japan - Hokkaido
Erin Nevins(non-registered)
Unbelievable Sean. Dad (Eamonn) said you were his best student - you know the way he goes on! Keep sending him all your good work.
Ted Kesten(non-registered)
wow what a trip and the photos are spectacular too! So many great shots.
Thank you for sharing these.
Yang-Traynor Jean(non-registered)
Magnifiques! You have some French fans to whom I will forward.
Jim Buchanan(non-registered)
Terrific pictures and so many familiar birds. Barrow's Goldeneye is a rarity on the East Coast. The Tufted duck is a Eurasia spec. but is now found in spotty places because people have brought them into zoos, etc. The Eagle shots are great but for my money the best is the Japanese White-eye. It's a tiny bird and hard to get a good focussed shot that shows is coloring. Thanks for sharing.

Dave Baines.(non-registered)
Fantastic shots of wildlife - even deer! (but no bears!). Difficult to rationalise the fact that we/global warming may be putting all this at risk.
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